Who We Are


    The world is changing at a rapid pace due in large part to the influence and access of a wide range of media by billions of people globally thru technology. We believe that what we focus on GROWS. We also know that people are focusing on and being influenced by the increasing amount of film and media content in their everyday lives. We want to have a POSITIVE influence thru film and media.

    Our Vision, therefore, is to fund and produce Films, Documentaries, Television and Online Media Content as well as invest in and develop online digital media Platforms that positively impact peoples minds, bodies and souls. ZenMoose will move Hearts, create cathartic and positive experiences, bring light to dark subjects, positively impact cultures and local and global perspectives, bring joyfulness and Laughter, Educate and Enlighten, propagate Inner and outer Peace and ultimately raise consciousness.



    The nature of business is ever expanding and the entertainment industry is no longer a single purpose entity but is a goldmine of brands, licensing, distribution, business development, sponsorship, product placement, trademarks, intellectual properties, and patents.  Our company has embraced all these areas of the entertainment industry as seasoned professionals and with experts beyond the fields of the Hollywood jungle.

    ZenMoose Capital, LLC was formed for this very purpose —to create a self-sustaining financing fund for impactful and commercially successful Films and Media that takes advantage of the increasing variety of income streams available in the entertainment industry today —as well as to be a catalyst for a movement that includes live events, educational opportunities and “edutainment” across multiple channels and distribution platforms. ZMC will work collaboratively with other Strategic Partners, its World Class Board of Directors and others in the entertainment industry to encourage more transformational films, media and Digital online content.


    The ZenMoose Transformational Media fund is focusing on well-developed film projects that have strong actors, directors, producers and/or teams as well as strong access to distribution, and/or major followings. We are also investing in existing companies who are expanding their online media platforms to distribute digital media to their respective niches. These platforms add additional income streams and valuable assets that increase the value and profitability of the fund.

    By investing in multiple films as well as multiple high profit digital platforms, we are able maximize and leverage our use of funds, minimize the overall risk of funds invested and increase the profit potential of the fund.

    Our Strategy for Success is to 1) produce high quality, commercially successful and highly profitable transformational media on a global scale and 2) to invest in and build corresponding online digital Media distribution Platforms in various niche markets that will support and ensure the successful marketing and distribution of all of the films and documentaries that we produce.

    ZenMoose will Re-invest profits into the expansion of existing assets as well as into corresponding philanthropic endeavors.


    At ZenMoose , we believe that it is important to do good by giving back and to incorporate that philosophy into our business model from the very beginning. We are committed to investing a percentage of all profits into Transformational and philanthropic endeavors domestically and internationally. In many cases, ZMC will support the philanthropic correlate to the media project that we are producing or investing in.




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    Meet the Team

    Chad Warren CEO, CZO (Chief Zen Officer), Founder

    Maria Simone Co-Founder, President (ZenMoose Capital, LLC)

    Steven Ehlinger II Chief Financial Officer

    Glenn Myles Chief Investment Officer

    Daryl Vinson Advisor, Executive Producer, Finance, Financial Analyst

    Jonathon Barbato Chief Digital Marketing Officer

    Scott Mednick Advisor

    Rand Brenner Licensing, Merchandising

    Stephan Meyers, Esq. Securities and Business Law Compliance Counsel

    Lawrence Bloom Director of Global Impact

    Jay Kenoff – Legal Counsel Legal Counsel