Hundreds of years ago, in ancient China, the demonic entity, MOHKUAY, savagely clawed it’s way through to our unsuspecting world in a brutal bid to seize THE GAU, an ancient Chinese Amulet of immense power. The mystical Amulet would enable the bloodthirsty Mohkuay to crossover forever and enslave all Mankind! The mystical Amulet had been hidden for centuries by a secret Order of Warrior Monks called, “The Defenders” willing to sacrifice their lives to defend it. But the Demon ruthlessly slaughtered the valiant monks by the thousands! The three Chinese Defenders fought to the death to give their mentor, “Master E”, a chance hide the Amulet until the new Defenders mentioned by Prophecy could be found somewhere in the world… And so the mystical Amulet disappeared from the Face of the Earth For hundreds of Years…

Until GRIFFEN, a NYC millionaire secretly in league with The Demon, creates a sensational new VIDEOGAME based on the legend of the mystical Amulet as a ruse to flush out the new Defenders. The new Defenders turn out to be three ordinary students and Gamers in NYC. Our 3 misfits are mysteriously imbued with Warrior TAO superpowers…

The World faces imminent doom as Mohkuay and his bloodthirsty minions trace the Gau to NYC and attack! All that stands between Mohkuay and certain victory are our three reluctant heroes! But they face imminent defeat when they refuse to believe they are the new Defenders! Their only hope is to band together and revisit the lessons of The Past in order to save The Future!

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Created:January 29, 2017

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