EDGEtv — TV for Millennials by Millennials — connects the best in adventure, entertainment,
technology, and developing trends with millennial tastemakers, influencers, and sponsors to
create an authentic, vibrant, and viable revenue eco-system. It is projected to have over
10 Million users in the next 5 years

EDGEtv combines one of the largest libraries of action sports programming with new productions,
influencer-originated content and some UGC (User Generated Content) to create multiple
categories of compelling content millennials love and chat about in social media, but also
content they create. And this blend is unmatched by any of its competitors.

EDGEtv is the channel for adventure seekers and doers, where they share their stories, lifestyle,
and dreams. EDGEtv will always deliver compelling and relevant content to their audience,
contributors and doers. And those who aspire to do what the EDGEtv tastemakers are
demonstrating will turn to the channel for inspiration. Surfing, skiing, action sports, music,
autos, action of all kinds will be shown, talked about and planned through the network…first
in its free (ad supported) format and then in its membership and Virtual Reality offerings.

  • Global Network
  • Online Platform

Created:January 29, 2017

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