GlobeChat enables people to communicate with others anywhere in the world with video, photos, text,
voice-to-text, and audio files on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktops.

The platform translates 41 languages real-time within private one-to-one, private group as well as
public chat environments allowing for seamless interaction – each person receives messages in their
native language regardless of the language of the sender. GlobeChat offers an innovative search feature
allowing a user to easily filter others globally based on age, gender, orientation, religion, political
affiliation, education, career, interests, commonalities and more with the results immediately displayed
on a colorful map of the world. GlobeChat allows celebrities, athletes, musicians and politicians to
transmit videos, photos, text and audio files to their fans as well as take interactive polls. Fans have the
ability to send in questions to their favorite celebrities in any language, the celebrity sees the questions
in their language, and the response is then translated to all followers’ native languages. Celebrities have
the ability to send private one-way messages directly to top fans.

  • Global Network
  • Online Platform
  • Technology

Created:January 29, 2017

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