Glow is a co-branded credit card and rewards program that encourages conscious consumerism through core value incentives. Our card-linked customer-specific rewards promote healthier and more sustainable behavior in our cardholders and the companies they support. We’re Projected to sign up over 3.3 million cardholders in the first 5 years

The GLOW Credit Card aims to be the preferred financial instrument for millions of underserved LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Millennial consumers that seek more socially responsible goods and services within their communities. No other credit card program engages directly with consumers at their core social values. GLOW rewards consumers and the companies they support for their healthy and sustainable behavior. GLOW’s unprecedented cash-back “Rewards” can be as much as 50% on purchases with no annual limit. All cash-back incentives are designed to create loyal lifetime customers for our partnering brands and merchants, as well as reward our cardholders for their conscious consumerism.

Our proprietary App will steer and shape everyday purchases. 80% of offline purchases occur less than 15 miles from home. With our geo-tracking built into the GLOW App we will help Local Merchants that wish to offer socially responsible options and incentives connect with a motivated local consumer.

Glow is based on model of contribution in partnership with the cardholder built into the use of the credit card – With every swipe of the card, GLOW contributes to either our cardholders’ favorite affiliated charity, to pay off a student loan, or to support local green initiatives by allowing our cardholders to dedicate the “merchant fee” generated with each purchase (normally this fee goes directly to the bank) to suit their personal direction.

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Created:January 29, 2017

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