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Scott Mednick is a widely respected entertainment, media and technology executive, consultant, speaker
and author. Scott is known for his vision and ability to create new business models. He was a
pioneer in creating one of the first private equity-backed motion picture studios, one of the first
boutique advertising and marketing companies, one of the first Internet marketing companies and one of
the first branded entertainment companies. He has participated in over 20 mergers, acquisitions and
divestitures and helped raise over $900 million in investment capital for both public and private
companies focused primarily on entertainment, marketing and technology.

In 2004, Scott co-founded Legendary Pictures, which brought in $600 million dollars from private equity and created a 25-picture dealwith Warner Bros. to form an active production and finance entity. The initial Legendary Pictures/ Warner Bros. partnership funded Batman Begins, Batman: The Dark Night, and The Dark Night Rises.

Scott has served as Executive Producer of such motion pictures as Superman Returns, 300, The Hangover, We are Marshalls, The Ant Bully, U2 3D, 10,000 BC,, Where the Wild Things Are, Delivery Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 2.

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Created:February 16, 2013

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