This is a Love Story and an action thriller centered around an age
old barbaric custom in India and Pakistan called honor killings.
The Supreme Court in India ruled in 2011 those convicted of an
honor killing would face the death penalty but they continue to
take place.

This is a story of a boy and a girl who love each other deeply but
who are separated by caste – the girl is promised to another in an
arranged marriage, so the girl and her lover from a different
caste run away to marry. Her brother follows after them to kill
them. However, a Journalist from the US visiting India to do a
story on honor killings, hears about them and tracks them down to
cover their story. She ends up saving their lives while bringing
international attention to a barbaric practice. This is ultimately
about LOVE and Light overcoming darkness and ignorance.

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Created:February 16, 2013

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