PlayItFWD is a powerful and disruptive new online film distribution technology that monetizes a viral
chain reaction of views — watch a movie online, buy viewing credits and pass it on. A series of films
are ready to be launched to a target audience of over 80 Million users worldwide with

PlayItFWD — a fully developed and tested technology — is an embeddable, trans-actable player.
In the first version of the technology 2 films were launched and proof of concept was successfully
established and proven. The technology individually seeds each film into fertile target audience bases
– if the film resonates, people will buy it on a pay-per-view basis (a previewing purchase). After the
viewer watches the film they are given a chance to PlayItFWD and gift the film to a friend’s email inbox
or Facebook wall with a personal message from the viewer and if the film is truly relevant a viral chain
reaction develops. People only PlayItFWD films that have touched or enlightened them about a subject –
by its very nature PlayItFWD is self-selective and causes better films to be shared and filmmakers to be
rewarded for their genius.

The film views can show up as a peer to peer gift on Facebook or as a number of film views hosted by an
organization or individual. Much like a YouTube video, the film can exist as content on blogs, websites,
and Facebook, essentially allowing one to seed the film into a targeted audience base, significantly
increasing purchase conversions and a rich conversation around the film. The player was designed to be
embeddable and part of a platform.

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Created:January 29, 2017

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