YGen.TV is a bold, edgy new network with one goal – to empower and raise the consciousness of Generation Y by telling cutting edge news stories that offer ways to participate in transforming the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. YGen.TV will reach members of Generation Y (a.k.a “Millennials”) across multiple platforms (phones, game consoles, smart TVs, tablets, and more) and be a new way for them to simultaneously consume and engage with exciting, impactful, world-changing entertainment. What MTV did for the “Me Generation” of the 70s and 80s YGen.TV will do for Generation Y – both now and in the coming years.

Our executive team running the platform has deep roots in traditional and digital film, television and short form content, distribution and marketing. Combined they have launched multiple networks, OnDemand in cable, fun major film studios and satellite and pioneered distribution for many more networks on multiple platforms reaching over 80 million streaming devices. They are directly responsible for over 250 million views of their clients’ content on mobile and online devices.

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Created:November 26, 2012

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