ZenMoose is partnering with Tree Media to produce and market a “Game Changer Series” of 5 films and Documentaries that shed light on the most pressing issues of our time. Our mission is to imagine a future we all want to live in: one that is sustainable, just, successful and compassionate and provides leadership, engages audiences and inspires action.

We take impactful stories and partner with celebrities to reach large audiences. TREE has had a longtime partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as with many, like-minded celebrities like Norman Lear, Woody Harrelson, Walton Goggins, and others like Pierce Brosnan, Orlando Bloom, Radha Mitchell, Peter Mensah, Dom Monaghan, Shiva Rose and Mia Maestro.

Tree Media has also worked with NASA, USDA, the Forest Service, Global Green International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, as well as Hollywood studios from Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount and Sony.

5 High Impact Game Changer Films

Alchemy Documentary Feature. Transform to a new, sustainable conscious civilization through our relationship to soil. Film includes biodynamic farming, carbon ranching, local food production, local resilience, deep human relationship to nature and ether. Working with leaders in the field including Prince Charles, the Rodale Institute and the Land Institute, and the Center for Regenerative Agriculture.

Total Freedom Documentary Feature. Transform the social/economic system through Basic Unconditional Income – set human creativity, entrepreneurialism free. Film in production, features Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stieglitz, the founders of the UBI in Switzerland, Enno Schmidt and Daniel Hani.

Into Eden Documentary Feature. The environmental crisis is a global, internal human crisis of spirit. We fix this problem by understanding ourselves and our true nature. Film in production, with conversations with spiritual leaders, thinkers, deep ecologists and scientists including Bruce Lipton, Frances Moore Lappe, Adyashanti, Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, Joanna Macy, Mandaza, Orland Bishop, and many others.

Last Man Standing Documentary Feature. In the last 10 years, indigenous peoples are fighting the last stand, and dying, to protect the last, unspoiled places on earth that we all depend on, from the deep Amazon to the jungle in the Congo to the Boreal of the Arctic North. Leonardo DiCaprio producing.

When Peace Breaks Out Feature Film. “I’d rather fight for peace than for war, because they are both just as dangerous.” “Peace is a process” — the wise words of Aqeela Sherrills on the historic gang-truce in Watts. These peacemakers went on to advise peace processes in Ireland, Bosnia and the Middle East.

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Created:November 26, 2012

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