For the last 3.5 years UNIFY has conducted 17 global campaigns in thousands of cities around the world,
unifying millions of people for synchronized days of meditation and social action. They now have over
7,500 event organizers in 150+ countries that have brought their communities together for global
campaigns organized on Peace Day, Water Day, Earth Day, Women’s Day, and more. they have created
media that reached 1.2 billion impressions on Facebook since 2012 and now have over 1 Million
Facebook fans. Unify’s next event is expected to attract over 120 Million people worldwide.

The core drivers of UNIFY’s success thus far has been the team’s commitment, exceptional online
storytelling, proprietary synchronization technology development, a rich engagement with their
audience and a loyal community of event organizers. UNIFY has an aggregated post reach on Facebook
over the past 3.5 years of 1.1 Billion and peak weekly post reach is 88.1 Million.
The next step is monetization of their massive global user base with ZMC assistance.

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  • Global Network
  • Online Platform

Created:January 29, 2017

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