DARYL VINSON (Executive Producer) brings a background of experience and expertise that spans many outstanding careers in various industries, including the U.S. Air Force-Presidential Mission Staff; Top Gun, Air Force Special Security; special assistant to the Vice President of Prudential Corporation.  Additionally he served as Senior Executive at SHU-TV, Marketing & Sales Executive at Grindstone Records/Entertainment, Senior Executive in charge of Product Development at Brooklyn Boy Records/Entertainment, and as a Producer on Aaron Spelling Entertainment Staff.
Daryl was first published as a fifth grader in the school newspaper.  As a high school student he wrote a weekly newspaper article for the local township with readership in excess of 15 thousands.  After 3 years of writing for the local newspaper, and assisting students with senior papers, essays, and speech writing, Daryl joined the United States Air Force.
With the goal in mind to become a fighter pilot, Daryl set out to serve his country.  After being recognized for his academic ability, he was chosen to serve in Global Command & Control Headquarter and was awarded a Top Secret Security Clearance (TS/SBI).  Daryl was then sent to serve in South Korea in Commando Escort operations.  This assignment translated into an appointment to Andrews Air Force Base Presidential Support Squadron, where he served on numerous Priority One operations.  Having a strong desire to finish his bachelors degree, Daryl transferred into the New Jersey Air National Guard Military Police Squadron.  Daryl attended a combined forces military police academy where he graduated second in his class in academics and first in military police techniques and applications.  Lackland Air Force Base Commander presented Daryl with the prestigious Top Gun Award for weapons proficiency and military police excellence.  He was also selected to serve as Special Assistant to the Senior Admiral, Commander of the Pacific 3rd Fleet Carrier Group.
Daryl then left the military and was recruited by the prestigious Wall Street Brokerage Firm of Freeman & Perry.  Mr. Vinson utilized his many relationships with various foreign heads of States to set up international investments in developing third world nations.  Mr. Vinson wrote a strategic economic development plan, infrastructure and humanitarian policy structure that was accepted by The United Nations Secretary General Koffi Anan.  This unique approach to development and distribution of resources, cut dependency on foreign debt, and is currently being used by President Musvengi of Uganda.
Mr. Vinson’s highly disciplined and specialized training in the military and corporate experience provided a strong foundation for leadership, focus and success. His initial background has provided for him tremendous accomplishments in the area of music and entertainment. As head of Marketing and Sales at Grindstone Records, Mr. Vinson actively recruited unknown artists such as Crucial Conflict, Mystical, and the Black-Eyed Peas, all of whom went on to sell double Platinum (two million albums), and are now major recording stars.
In addition to writing and creating distribution policies, developing and implementing a national sales campaign and overseeing record sales (foreign and domestic), he has actively set-up joint ventures and distribution deals with various record companies.
Mr. Vinson attended Seton Hall University under a full academic scholarship, receiving degrees in English and Communications. He is currently preparing to finish his Law Degree at Loyola Law School.