Glenn Myles is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Wall Street Capital International, LLC. Glenn is a leader in the financial community, having built a 30 year track record in which he executed on nearly $24 billion of transactions as an investor, principal, and advisor. He has engaged in significant transactions in the real estate and energy sector and with a variety of operating companies. His affiliates, partners and clients have included some of the most significant operating companies and investors globally. Most recently he led the US based investment activities of the Zhong Rong Group, the largest private commercial real estate development company in Shanghai, through their US affiliate, the America Capital Energy Corporation. Earlier in his career, Mr. Myles oversaw capital holdings and investments of Marvin Davis, by leading activities at Davis Real Estate, Davis Petroleum, and Davis Entertainment.

Mr. Myles serves as Managing Partner of Alto Private Investments Ltd. He coordinates the activities of the various Managing Directors and works directly with bankers, investors and clients. Mr. Myles is the Managing Partner at Alto Private Investments Ltd. He held various ownership positions in diverse businesses from retail, auto parts, finance, shopping centers, hotels, oil drilling, music businesses, movie production companies and others. In 1986, he acquired TSS-Seedmans, Inc. He served as Partner of the Pritzker family of Chicago (owners of the Hyatt Hotels, the Marmon Group) and the Schmidt family of Germany (owners of the Metro Group). He owned Royce Union Bicycles, and a chain of women’s specialty stores, Finders-Keepers. He was owner of Wilcox International. Mr. Myles served as Executive Vice President of the Davis Corporation. At Davis, he was responsible for business development and acquisitions, and among other deals, successfully acquired, financed and repositioned Fox Plaza in Century City, California. Mr. Myles has served as a Director of Fairchild Corp. since 2006.

Mr. Myles has a strong commitment to philanthropic activities, serving as a board member for Grameen Foundation, Planet Finance, Project Hope, the Walt Frazier Youth Foundation and the March of Dimes. Mr. Myles was a member of the Young Presidents Organization.